- Your registration is in the KWFollow server

Shipping your account and making a new application means your full acceptance of these terms whether you read them or not.

Update 1-4-2018:

16 - KUWAIT follow  is not responsible for the misuse of the site's services in any way and bears the consequences of misuse

The user himself

17- The use of the Kuwaiti follow site is prohibited for insulting others or defaming their reputation in any form of concealment. If the supervisors of the Kuwaiti follow site discover your misuse of the services, the site is warned that if you do not respond and repeat it again, the administrator has the right to block your account and cancel the available balance without referring to the user.

Update: 4-3-2018:

14- The administrator of the server is entitled to shut down or attend your account in the server even if you have a balance in the server. You have committed verbal abuse or insulting or any way that harms the members of the team or harms their dignity or cause them any harm in any way.

15- In the case of the services of the server, the buyer shall be the sole responsible for the service and the Kuwaiti server will not bear any damage in any account.

20. There is no guarantee that the shortfall will never be compensated for any of the follower services.

03- We do not guarantee delivery of services immediately or on the same day, delivery speed depends on the number of orders, quantity required.

40. Place  order in kwfollow ,   Can’t  cancellation of the service under any circumstances.

Return Policy: You can not, in any case, restore your balance in PayPal, CashU or your bank account when you ship it to the server, you can use it to request services only.


If you neglect your account and leave it for 3 months without signing in, your account will be canceled and the available balance will be withdrawn

The amount of any application shall not be canceled or refunded for any reason, unless the system fails to complete the work.

09- Server Kufollow has the right to cancel any application without warning and without explaining the reason for cancellation.

10. Never make two different requests for the same account link until the first application is fully completed, in which case only one application will be delivered and the second order will be completed as well.

11. If you have requested any service and the status of the account has been changed to private during the work, the service is considered complete, even if you open the account to a year again.

12. The prices of KWFollow Server Services are subject to change at any time without notice.

13. DISCLAIMER :: Server KWFollow will not be liable for any damage to the accounts, make a new request at your own risk.